Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Golden Opulence Sundae, What's The Point? - Micro Blog

Not much surprises me in the world of food today.  Good ol' boys gulp down six pound steaks to get their picture on a wall, while, half way around the world, someone's eating sheeps' eyes.  It's all pretty subjective, and I can get behind, at least for one night, just about any kind of cuisine.  Yet, while watching Sandra Lee's "Chocoholic" special on the Food Network, my jaw dropped at her description of the Golden Opulence Sundae.

 photo goldenopulencesundae.jpgAt Serendipity 3, an upscale New York City restaurant famous for celebrity sighting, the Golden Opulence Sundae's Tahitian vanilla ice cream is infused with Madagascar vanilla beans, surrounded by chunks of rare Chuao chocolate from Venezuela, and covered in 23-carat edible gold leaf.  Then, this sundae is drizzled with a mixture of Amedei Porceleana and Amedei Chuao chocolates, making the mixture one of the most expensive chocolate sauces in the world.  Next, this creation is topped with candied fruits, gold covered almonds, two chocolate truffles at $250.00 a pop, and marzipan cherries. The dish is finished with a dollop of sweet Grande Passion caviar served with a mother of pearl spoon and a gilded sugar flower.  This dessert can be ordered by anyone with a sweet tooth for a mere $1,000.

I'm all for spending extra money for truly good food, make no mistake.   The Filet Mignon is taken from the smallest end of the steer's tenderloin.  It's expensive because it's the tenderest cut of beef and there's not much of it per steer to go 'round. 

Some Champagnes can cost hundreds of dollars a bottle.  Such wines, only from the Champagne region of France, are a product of the complex age old m├ęthode traditionnelle which utilizes a great deal of time and labor to produce truly high quality sparkling wines.

In this case though, it costs $1,000 to eat gold leaf (which I imagine would taste like paper or foil) and other high end ingredients.  When 16.7 million American children live in food insecure households, does spending $1,000 on a single dish of ice cream make any kind of sense?  I agree, when you work hard you get to reap the rewards, but is eating gold leaf really a reward?

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