Pin Board

The following array of clippings is a mesh mash of recipes and culinary quotes, which I've found interesting, or funny, enough to share. As with any pin board, they're in no particular order.

 photo ab.jpg photo bourdain.jpg photo Alton-Brown-Cooking-Quote.jpg photo Alton-Brown-Quotes-3.jpg photo play.jpg photo gr.jpg photo lte.jpg photo jc.png photo fcs.jpg photo cheese5.jpg photo usdiet.jpg photo BACON.jpg photo 899090dc-75d4-4737-be89-127ad7b637c2.jpg photo Rosecocktail.png photo vodka.jpg photo 985a539d-6d78-424c-b00e-3a5b5c4dd60d.jpg photo baconsyrup.jpg
 photo smokybloodymary.jpg photo Baconbobby.jpg photo Baconcrisp.jpg photo chilequiche.jpg photo juicypork2.jpg photo juicypork.jpg photo caf9ff82-1deb-406a-9e88-c6020b5df753.jpg
 photo blesed.jpg photo ErythmicCheese.jpg
 photo bf.jpg photo bf2.jpg photo fa.jpg
 photo milknews.jpg

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