Thursday, January 15, 2015

Cooking Competitions By Any Other Name

Normally, this blog is a reflection of my opinions.  This time I'm changing things up, I'm looking for your opinion; that's right, your opinion.

Here's the deal, I often disparage reality shows. No, let's be honest, I down right ridicule them for being shallow mind numbing wastes of time.  Bethany Frankel's privileged  life doesn't reflect the day to day struggles of any hard working real housewife I ever met.

If "reality TV" isn't showing us the lives of the spoiled elite, it's depicting "Survivors" trying to stab each other in the back.  Here's a tip, if your "reality" involves you having to screw somebody over to get ahead,  YOU'RE LIVING WRONG!

The idea that such shows reflect "reality" is offensive to me.  While I chastise reality TV for being shallow depictions of the worst traits humanity has to offer, I must admit to watching cooking competitions such as Chopped, Top Chef, Hell's Kitchen, etc...

I enjoy watching contestants create new recipes in order to solve a problems e.g. using unique ingredients from a basket, feed a group of "glampers" (glamor campers), fashion a meal encapsulating the spirit of New Year's Eve, etc...  I see these shows as being food related game shows, participants exhibit a skill with the hope of winning a prize.  Yet, some people include such shows under the umbrella of reality TV.

So, who's right?  Are competitive food shows part of reality TV?  If they are, does bashing reality TV make me a hypocrite?  

Please use the pol below and/or comment section to tell me what you think, and I'll use the results in a future blog.

Supplemental Update - 01/24/15:
The survey template I was using was causing hyperlink problems for my readers.  I can't have that, so I've deleted the script.  However, I'd still like folks to consider the question below and leave your thoughts in the blog's comment section or on Facebook.

Are shows like Top Chef, Chopped, Hell's Kitchen, etc... reality shows or game shows?
A. Cooking competition shows are reality shows.
B. Cooking competition shows are game shows.
C. Game shows ARE reality shows, any distinction is meaningless.

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