Wednesday, April 27, 2016

M&M's Favorite Flavor Race

During 2016's primary election season, three experimental varieties of M&M's chocolate peanut candies; Chili Nut, Honey Nut, and Coffee Nut; are vying for snackers' votes to determine America's favorite M&M's peanut candy.

Experimental M&M Flavors
Subject: Experimental M&M Flavors | Source: Courtesy of Mars Chocolate North America Press Kit |
Throughout the voting period of March 1 to June 17, snackers are encouraged to purchase each flavor and vote for their favorite on M&M's Facebook page. The winning flavor will be available in August and September of 2016.

I'd been looking for these candies for a few weeks, and had given up my search, when I found the single packs at Walgreen's (19975 SW Tualatin Valley Hwy, Aloha, OR) for $.60 per single size pack.  Being the curious eater that I am, I bought a pack of each and ate most of them in the car, while running errands.

Honey Nut:
Appearance - These come in the light orange, yellow, and black colors of a honey bee.
Taste - These tasted like chocolate peanut M&M's candies, with no hint of honey or additional sweetness.

Coffee Nut:
Appearance - These come in the colors of dark brown espresso, medium brown coffee, and off white cappuccino foam.
Taste - Here, the chocolate and peanut flavors are definitely dominant, but most of the pieces had a slight after taste of coffee.  I say "most," because I got one piece which delivered a power punch of coffee flavor throughout my mouth.

Chili Nut:
Appearance - These come in the colors bright red, orange, and maroon representing different kinds of peppers.
Taste - Again, the chocolate and peanut flavors were up front, but I tasted a gentle kick of heat on the back of my palette.  Yet, like with the coffee nut, I ate one power piece which could be considered hot.

I can't rate these from 1 to 10, since they're primarily Peanut M&M's Candies.  If you like Peanut M&M's Candies, and these happen to be at the cash register as you're paying for groceries, you may as well pick up a pack.  However, I wouldn't recommend actively seeking them out, they're nothing special.

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