Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Westgate Bourbon Bar and Taphouse - A Review

Due to health problems I have not blogged for the last 9 months. While I'm not back to my old self I am blogging again.

Recently I had lunch at 3800 SW Cedar Hills Blvd. Beaverton, OR. Long time readers will notice I've eaten at this address before. Back then it was an Irish pub. However, since December 3rd, 2016 it has been Westgate Bourbon Bar and Taphouse. After driving by it for four months I decided to stop in.

When one walks into the bar they will find a long hall off to the right. This hall serves as a beer and wine shop with over 750 varieties of beer, 300 red wines and 100 white wines. At the end of the hall there is a cash register manned by a very knowledgeable clerk. I chose a couple beers to take home and went to the dinning room for lunch.

The L-shaped bar displayed well over 1,000 different liquors and 40 beers on tap. Since this was a bourbon bar I decided to start with a glass on the rocks. I asked for one that was sweet and smoky. The bartender recommended Wild Turkey: Forgiven for $12.50. I got a lot of the smoky flavor but I did not taste any sweetness. Still, it was a good strong bourbon.

I ordered the Poison Ivy Sandwich (melted brie, grilled pears, and watercress on marble bread) for 9 dollars, and fries. Richness of the brie played well against the sweetest of the pears and the freshness of the watercress. It was a delicious sandwich. The fries were hand-cut   and were served with an Angry Russian Dip (house made thousand island purred with smoked jalapenos). The dip was sweet and spicy without being overly hot. However, you had to dip because there was no salt on the fries, nor on the table.

My friend ordered the Boring Betty Burger, which was their house cheeseburger also for 9 dollars. To be fair, she had them leave the garlic aoili off, yet the burger itself had no seasoning. On top of that she ordered the burger to be well done and it came on the rare side of medium rare. They took it back and it came back chewy, as if it had been microwaved.

Westgate Bourbn Bar and Taphouse is a great place to get your drink on, but there food is very hit or miss. I give Westgate 7/10 stars.
The photographs below were taken on April 26th for this blog. 

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