Saturday, November 21, 2020

Downsizing Thanksgiving

I haven't posted a food blog since August 10th.  Between watching people politicize the pandemic, and a truly weird election, I've been feeling too blah to care about who's putting prime rib on a cheeseburger.  And honestly, I've done so many Thanksgiving food blogs, that I told myself I'd never write another one.  I simply couldn't imagine having anything else to say about the traditionally glutinous holiday meal.  Thus, it's ironic that I'm breaking my dry spell to write about said meal. 

Of course, as we're being asked to limit the size of our gatherings, this year, to avoid infection, this won't be a traditional Thanksgiving for many of us.  My house is no exception. 

Since it will be just two of us, we've decided to forgo the turkey, and roast a small game hen.  It doesn't make sense to work all day on a big turkey, only to be stuck with two weeks worth of leftovers.  And frankly, I think game hen has more flavor than turkey. 

However, I wanted to maintain that same holiday sage flavor profile.  I did some research and FOUND the following recipe for Cornish Game Hen With Sage Butter at

Cornish Game Hens With Sage Butter:

Recipe found at
READY IN: 1hr 5mins, SERVES: 2 


 1 Cornish hen, split into halves|
 4 tablespoons butter, softened|
 2 tablespoons fresh sage (or 3 tsp dried sage), chopped|
 1 garlic clove (or more to taste), minced|
 Zest of half a lemon, grated|
 0.25 teaspoon paprika|
 salt and pepper to taste| 


Blend 3 tablespoons of butter with the sage, garlic, lemon zest, salt and pepper. Separate breast and leg skin from hens. Press the mixture under the skins and spread evenly. Melt remaining butter and add paprika Brush this butter over the hen. 

 Place hens in single layer in shallow oiled pan. Roast at 400 F, uncovered, 40 to 45 minutes. Baste twice with pan drippings.

Keep in mind, this isn't my recipe.  Nevertheless, if executed well, it should provide a taste of Thanksgiving without all the work of a turkey. 

Likewise, we feel no need to make every side dish either.  Some dressing with gravy, cranberry sauce, a few *deviled eggs, and a nice Riesling will make a good holiday meal.  Some pumpkin pie with coffee afterwards and you’re all set.

Of course, you could always go the popcorn and toast route. 

*=Recipe from prior Thanksgiving blog.

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