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 photo 268254.jpgI find an immense amount of pleasure in well prepared food.  Whether it be something as common as a cheeseburger, or as foreign as a steak & kidney pie, there's little I won't eat and even less which I don't have an opinion aboutI began this blog when I realized entries about food were out numbering other topics on my general/literary blog.

Lately, writers have been asking to post guest spots on this blog.   Travel and food enthusiast, Cole Millen asked to post a piece about eating healthy while on vacation.  He had a well thought out positive piece about vacation food ready to publish and it was just before vacation season.  He simply didn't have a forum in which to publish his thoughts.  I was happy to help him.

Since then, I've received multiple requests to post guest spots.  One such writer offered to pay me to post her piece, which made her my favorite applicant.  Yet, most of these writers have only begun work on their pieces after having me pick a topic, and some have even asked to be paid for their work.

PEOPLE, PEOple, people, if you have a positive well thought out message about the world of food, I'm happy to lend you a forum to publicize your thoughts.  I'm far less interested though in waiting for someone to finish a piece, simply to see something they wrote published on my blog.  Plus, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES CAN  I, OR WILL I, PAY FOR MATERIAL.

If you have a well thought out positive piece about the world of food, which you want to share with the public, send me what text you have, within the body of an email message (attaching any relevant pic as .jpg or .gif files), along with a one paragraph bio of yourself.  I'll look it over, and post it if it's good.  I do reserve the right to edit grammar, commas, spelling etc... before posting.

Remember, research & fact checking makes up 99% of the writing process.

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