Saturday, May 10, 2014

Poll Results Plus Waffle Taco Review

Poll Results:

My last entry was a review of a local restaurant.  The food was great, but because I hadn't had my camera with me, and I couldn't find an appropriate picture within the public domain, I almost didn't write the piece.

With food like, "three glazed slices of grilled pork atop of a bed of soft polenta, roast garlic & shallots, and arugula all drizzled with pork Jus," and  "Steak Tartare, fresh ground beef with; onions, parsley, and Harissa; topped with a farm fresh egg yolk, served with charred baguettes," I felt it would've been a mistake not to write about the meal.

Thus, I posted the review and asked my readers how important pictures actually are.  100% of readers who took the poll indicated, "Pictures are nice, but not necessary."

As a result, from now on, if I have a legally usable picture of  topic I'll use it, but I won't let the lack of art keep me from bringing readers my views on food & drinks.
Waffle Taco Review:

Taco Bell is venturing into the breakfast business.  Arguably, their most initially intriguing offering is the Waffle Taco, a soft waffle wrapped around bacon, or a sausage patty, along with scrambled eggs and grated Cheddar cheese, served with a side of sweet syrup.

I like fast food breakfast sandwiches, as a rule.  When I heard about this taco I was excited.  I ordered the sausage version.  Being from Taco Bell, my expectation was that the dish would be slightly spicy and full of flavor.  D'oh! :-o

I got bland eggs and bland sausage on a bland waffle.  When drizzled on, the syrup does add a pleasant sweetness, but it makes the taco sticky and hard to pick up.

McDonald's McGriddle (a sausage patty between two biscuit sized maple flavored griddle cakes) offers much more savory flavor, along with its sweet maple taste, with much less mess.

I give Taco Bell's Waffle Taco 4 out of 10 stars.  Sweetness on top of blandness just isn't the recipe for a tasty breakfast 

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