Wednesday, July 9, 2014

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Redd's Strawberry Ale Subject: Redd's Strawberry Ale | Date: 07/08/2014 | Photographers:
James Kiester & Dani Cogswell
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I was in the bar part of Red Robin, reading their beer list, when I came across a listing for Redd's Strawberry Ale (*ABV: 5%).  I tend not to shy away from fruit based brews, Sam Adams' Cherry Wheat and Shock Top's Raspberry Wheat already being among my favorite beers.

This offering from Miller Brewing Co. pours as a blonde ale with a reddish tint.  Unlike my aforementioned favorites, which taste like beer with a touch of fruit, Redd's tastes purely of strawberries.  While I see this sweetness as a plus, many "serious beer drinkers" would list it as a deficit.

I must also report that while the alcohol content is listed at 5%, I felt a major buzz after a single bottle.  Still, from a guy who likes sweet, rather than hoppy, beers, I give Redd's Strawberry Ale 8 out of 10 stars.

*ABV = Alcohol By Volume

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