Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Common Dilemma Sees Freezerburns Saying Goodbye As Daym Keeps On Keeping On

A few months ago, I wrote a blog about Gregory Ng, the self-proclaimed "Frozen Food Master," and host of Freezerburns™. Gregory began his frozen food review vlog in 2008 with a series of, five to ten minute, frozen food reviews. Between the publication of my blog and now, Freezerburns came to an abrupt, and rather dramatic, end.

While reviewing the $2 Kid Cuisine How to Train Your Dragon Chicken Nuggets Meal, Ng snapped under the impression the meal delivered, "breading with a hint of chicken on the inside." With utter disgust plastered across his face, Ng exclaimed, "You know what? I can't do this anymore. This is horrible. We should not be feeding our kids this. We should not be eating this frozen food anymore. I'm done with this." Ripping his microphone from his chest, the "Frozen Food Master" stormed out of the camera's view, and hasn't produced another episode since.

I understand his frustration.  Food critics can easily pass something off as tasting good, without considering what's going into the eater's body, especially kids' bodies.  Not wanting to mislead children, by glorifying junk food, Gregory Ng removed himself from the culinary arena.

Coincidentally, the fast food critic, whom I wrote about in the same blog, recently faced a similar dilemma.  Daym Drops became concerned that kids were watching his reviews and getting the idea a  normal diet consisted entirely of fast food.  Rather than walking away from his show though, Daym has decided to do vegetable themed episodes for kids, beginning with Carrot Talk.

I applaud both men's concern for children's health.  Lord knows, food manufacturers don't seem to give a rip.  When faced with the idea that they may be negatively influencing children, each man took action in his own way.  I respect that.  Personally, I like Daym's educational solution better than walking away.  However, if Gregory Ng felt he couldn't walk the fine line between promoting flavor and considering health, then I respect him for addressing the problem as he thought best.
OK, I hear some of you out there calling me a hypocrite.  No, I get it.  I give good reviews to high calorie burgers, steaks, and cheese laden (everything), and I'm applauding two other food critics for being conscious of chlldren's health.

Keep in mind though, I've always maintained that if someone reads my review of a bacon cheeseburger & fries and buys their kids such a meal multiple times per week, then allows those kids to watch TV and play computer games all day, instead of burning energy outside, those kids WILL become obese.  That's not my fault.

Such meals are perfectly fine when consumed as a bi-weekly, or even monthly, treat. In between special trips to their favorite burger stand, kids should be getting; fruits, veggies, dairy products, and whole grains; at home, and burning those calories in fun and/or productive ways.

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