Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Pulling A "Kanye West"


Photo courtesy of Vintage Sugarcube.
During Taylor Swift's acceptance speech for Best Female Video "You Belong with Me," at 2009's MTV Music Awards, Kanye West burst onto the stage and claimed that BeyoncĂ© had been robbed of the prize.  As tacky as that move was, six years later I'm about to make a similar move.

Jenny Johnson is a San Diego food writer/photographer who revamps traditional desserts with a playful pop culture or retro twist.  On her blog, Vintage Sugarcube, Jenny invites readers to, "take a ride with her in reconstructing classic desserts while not taking life too seriously."  In addition to writing her blog, Johnson;
Unlike food writers, including me, who merely share our thoughts on what we find within the food world, Jenny's sharing recipes for uniquely tweaked creations.

Photo courtesy of Vintage Sugarcube.
Not long ago, we made the tomato soup laced cake from her entry, Chocolate Tomato Soup Cake: [Andy Warhol Chocolate Cake], for my birthday. I realize the addition of canned soup to cake sounds counterintuitive.  However, skeptics, at my birthday dinner, were converted into true believers after only a few bites. The condensed soup makes the cake very moist & rich.

Each year Saveur Magazine  gives "Food Blog Of The Year Awards" to food writers in 13 categories, including "Dessert Blog Of The Year." The magazine opens nominations to the public, then the editorial staff chooses six blogs, from each category, for the public to vote on.

A number of readers, including me, nominated Vintage Sugarcube for "Dessert Blog Of The Year."  Now, I'm not saying she's the first foodie to add soup to cake, or that her blog should have won, hands down.  However, I can't think of another food blogger who writes about dessert with her sense of style. This unique resource should have, AT LEAST, been listed among the six finalists to be voted for.

While I can't give Jenny's blog an award of any recognized consequence, I can recommend that my readers subscribe to Vintage Sugarcube today.

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