Saturday, June 20, 2015

Jack In The Box's Black Pepper Cheeseburger - A Review

I like a peppery burger, so when Jack In The Box advertised a new "Black Pepper Cheeseburger" (an all beef patty with two slices of melting Black Pepper Cheese, plus onion rings, hickory smoked bacon, and Peppercorn Mayo, all on a gourmet signature bun) I wanted to try it.

Unlike recent Sriracha & Ghost Pepper labeled fare, the "Black Pepper" title implied, to me, the presence of a hint of spice without a punch of tongue searing heat.  A HINT of spice is right.  I got a hit of peppery flavor on every third or forth bite.  The rest of the time it tasted like a slightly dry bacon cheeseburger.

The "gourmet signature bun" was buttery and soft, granted.  Yet, the Black Pepper Cheese, not to be confused with Pepper Jack, was just kinda there without adding any significant flavor.   Likewise, the onion rings added crunch, but didn't taste like anything.

Flavor wise, the only game day players were the crisp smoky bacon, which was great, and the Peppercorn Mayo, which delivered the occasional bite of pepper flavor.  Said Mayo was the ONLY component to bring any moisture to the sandwich.

All things considered, Jack In The Box's Black Pepper Cheeseburger is an average to below average bacon cheeseburger earning 6 out of 10 stars from me.

I took a picture of the burger, but the angle I shot it at only gave me a picture of the bun. If you click on the title of the burger, in the first paragraph, you can see Jack In The Box's official promo picture, which looks pretty close to what you get in real life.

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