Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Whole Foods Charges High Prices..... Well No Sheep Dip Batman!

Whole Foods in New York
Subject: The interior of the largest Whole Foods in the United States, located on Houston Street in the East Village of New York City. | Date: 08/25/2008 | Photographer: David Shankbone |This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.
According to a recent article in USA TODAY, a current investigation, by New York City's Department of Consumer Affairs, has concluded that Whole Foods stores have been overcharging for pre-packaged foods.

Did they really need to investigate to figure this out?  Seriously?  Next they'll look into the allegation that the Santa at the mall MIGHT be an imposter.

There are some things that people, who are paying attention, just know.  When Whole Foods hocks $9.00 chocolate bars, which are roughly the size of a $2.00 Hershey's Chocolate Bar from Walmart, it's pretty obvious Whole Foods isn't a destination for bargain shoppers.

That being said, it's not supposed to be.  Chains such as Whole Food, and the northwest's local version, New Seasons, aren't designed to be places for average shoppers to buy everyday groceries.  Unless someone has a special dietary need (gluten free food, low nitrite food, etc...) buying commonplace groceries, such as boxed cereal & canned soup, at Whole Foods makes no sense.

Food lovers go to such stores for a special high end meats, cheeses, and/or other treats not typically found at an average supermarket.  I go there for specialty cheeses, such as Taleggio, Comte, Huntsman, and Woolwich Dairy's Triple Creme Goat Brie.  My brother goes there for the meat counter's jumbo sized hot dogs when he's hosting a BBQ.  Other people go there for their grass fed ground beef, which is free of pink slime.

Yes, Whole Foods charges more for their groceries.  People know this going in though.  No ones being scammed or duped.

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