Monday, August 13, 2018

The Bacon Jams' All Original Bacon Spread

I like bacon. No... That's wrong...  I LOVE bacon!  I eat bacon almost every morning, I put it on most of my burgers, and I even have a blanket on my bed that looks like bacon.  A few months ago, I was watching Chopped and one of the contestants made bacon jam.  I'd never heard of bacon jam before, so I looked online and found an 8oz jar of The Bacon Jams' All Original Bacon Jam for $13.75 on Amazon.

Photo Courtesy of Amazon's Affiliate Program.

I confess I had certain expectations when I bought the jam. The reason I like bacon is for the smokey salty flavor that it delivers.  At breakfast bacon provides a crunchy texture in contrast to soft eggs and toast as well as the salty taste to offset sweet cereals, fruits, and jellies.  On a burger, it provides a savory balance against sweet ketchup and fresh lettuce and tomato.  I expected the jam to perform the same function.

I was disappointed.  I put the jam on a burger along with American cheese and mayonnaise.  The result was a very sweet burger.  The bacon jam was very maple forward with a very mild smokey undertone.  The bacon flavor was there, but it was almost like it was an after thought.  The bacon flavor was secondary to the flavor of maple syrup.

There are people who like maple bacon, and those people will probably love this jam. However if you're looking for a condiment that delivers a real bacon punch, this is not it.  Therefore, I give The Bacon Jams' All Original Bacon Jam 5 out of 10 stars.

On a curious final note, if you order the jam on Amazon it costs $1.25 less than if you order off their website directly.  Somehow adding Amazon as a middle man brought the price down instead of up.

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