Monday, June 17, 2019

Are Don Pedro’s $1.00 Spicy Pork Tacos A Good Deal?

My best friend has told me about the tacos at Don Pedro Mexican Food (527 SE 10th Avenue in Hillsboro, Oregon) for some time now.  Since I was running errands in Hillsboro the other day, I went through their drive-thru window for lunch.

| Subject: Don Pedro Mexican Food’s Spicy Pork Tacos |
| Date: 06/06/2019 | Photographers: James Kiester & Dani Cogswell |
Don Pedro’s $1.00 tacos come on two soft corn tortillas with a choice of meat; beef, beef tongue (I think), chicken, pork, or spicy pork; and can be ordered with or without cilantro and onions.   Spicy pork sounded tasty, so I  ordered three of those with the accompanying aromatics.

The tortillas were small, but I liked the two ply approach in that it prevented breakage and leaks.  The tortillas were loaded with marinated seasoned pork, onions, and cilantro.

The veggies were fresh and crisp, balancing nicely with the pork.  As for the meat itself, it had been well seasoned and was undeniably savory.  I simply wouldn't call “spicy.”  I also thought it could have used a touch of crema or salsa for moisture.

Still, for $1.00 it was a pretty decent bite of food.  I give Don Pedro Mexican Food’s Spicy Pork Tacos 7.5 out of 10 stars.

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