Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Is The Burger King King Of The Chicken Parm?

Burger King has come out with a line of Chicken Parmesan sandwiches.  The sandwiches consist of white meat seasoned chicken filet, (fried crispy, spicy fried crispy, or grilled) topped with marinara sauce, melted mozzarella cheese and shaved parmesan cheese on a toasted potato bun.  Both fried versions sell for $4.99 and the grilled version is $.50 more.

| Burger King’s Crispy Chicken Parmesan Sandwich |
| Photographers: James & Bonnie Kiester | Date: 06/01/2019 |
When I head about this, I visited my local Burger King at 18975 S W Tualatin Valley Hwy in Aloha, OR.

Since it's most like the classic sandwich, I ordered the regular crispy chicken filet.  I say, “most like,” since the genuine article features a chicken filet coated in seasoned breadcrumbs and fried, rather than, “chicken fried.”

The original Chicken Parmigiana doesn't actually feature any Parmesan cheese.  The recipe originated in the northern Italian city of Parma – hence the name, which means “In the style of Parma.”  Nevertheless, the sandwich delivered a generous helping of Parmesan and Mozzarella cheeses as well as a healthy portion of tomato sauce.

The first thing I tasted was the sauce, which mostly sweet with a vague hint of seasoning, offering the same flavor profile as ketchup.  Next, I could definitely taste both distinct cheeses.  The salty Parmesan balanced nicely against the mild gooey Mozzarella.  The cheese lover in me was digging what I was eating.

Sadly, I couldn't taste the chicken.  I knew it was there, since I was biting through a crispy crunchy something.  However, it was dry, severely under seasoned, and just…, kinda…, there.

All things considered, it's a good sandwich, not a great sandwich.  I give Burger King’s Crispy Chicken Parmesan Sandwich 7 out of 10 stars.

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