Sunday, March 1, 2020

Carl's Jr's BFC Angus Thickburger - A Review

I should begin by confessing that I’m typically not a fan of Carl's Jr.. I find their meat to be over cooked and dry. That being said, when I heard their new “BFC Angus Thickburger” comes with a wheel of deep-fried cheese on top, I had to investigate.

| Subject: BFC Angus Thickburger |
| Date: 02/28/2020 | Photographers: Dani Cogswell & James Kiester |
| Permissions: Photo taken for this blog |
I went through Carl's Jr. drive-thru window at 6653 SE Tualatin Valley Highway in Hillsboro, OR and ordered the BFC, a medium fry, and a medium (30 ounce) Coke for $10.94. The burger came with a flame broiled Angus beef patty, a combination of Cheddar and Mozzarella cheese coated in a seasoned breading & fried crispy, lettuce, tomato, and Boom Boom sauce on a toasted bun.

I didn't get the cheese in my first bite, so all I tasted was the horseradish foreword “Boom Boom” sauce. I suppose if Carl's Jr. was one of my regular haunts, I’d have been prepared for the spiciness. As it was, I found the taste a bit overpowering. I took another bite, and this time I hit paydirt. I could hear the crunch as I bit through the cheese, exposing a molten golden center. The Mozzarella allowed the wheel to melt evenly while the Cheddar delivered a pleasantly sharp Cheddar taste.

As I made my way through the sandwich, the cool light flavors the lettuce and tomato played against richness of the cheese and the beef to produce a balanced bite of food. I like char-broiled hamburgers, but these patties were the same dry beef I’ve come to expect from Carl's. However, the moisture of the cheese compensated for the parched meat enough that I was able to enjoy polishing off the meal.

Although I liked the burger, for the most part, I’d have preferred a patty with a little less of a cook on it and some other sauce (maybe just mayonnaise). I’d give Carl's Jr.’s BFC Angus Thickburger 8 out of 10 stars.

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