Friday, March 20, 2020

Taco Bell's Next Big Sandwich, The Triplelupa

Given today’s climate, I considered stopping work on my food blog until this state of emergency blows over. Upon reflection, I thought it would be nice to focus on something other than the virus.

|Subject: Taco Bell's Triplelupa| |Date: 03/20/2020|
|Photographers: Dani Cogswell & James Kiester|
Not being able to get out much these days, my friend treated me to drive-thru fare from the Taco Bell at 19275 SW TV HWY in Aloha, OR. Having seen the commercial for it recently, I decided to have the new Triplelupa.

The Triplelupa comes in a long flatbread shell designed to look like three Chalupas fused together. All three sections consist of a base of seasoned ground beef topped with sauce, lettuce, tomato, and a garnish of grated cheese. Supposedly, one end has nacho cheese sauce, the opposite end has chipotle sauce, and the center section has both sauces.

Vegetarians can replace the meat with refried beans, black beans, or potatoes.

Honestly, I couldn't taste a difference between one end and the other, so I suspect they put both sauces along all three sections. That being said, it worked. Between the seasoning on the beef and the sauces, this was a pleasantly spicy sandwich without be over-the-top tongue searingly HOT. With an order of Nacho Fries and a cup of coffee, it made a tasty and filling lunch.

However, this isn't a sandwich you can eat while driving. There's way too much iceberg lettuce and flavorless tomato which only serve to fall on the eater’s lap upon taking a bite. There's also so little shredded cheese that it adds nothing to the sandwich.

For $3.49 ($5.99 with a crunchy taco, cinnamon twists, and a medium drink) the Triplelupa is a tasty, but extremely messy, sandwich. I’d give it 7.5 out of 10 stars.

Stay safe & sane.

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