Saturday, August 24, 2013

Honeywood's Raspberry Wine - Micro Blog

 photo HWRWLike most drinkers, when I think of "good wine" I typically think of grape varietals, and dismiss fruit wines as the cheap stuff hillbillies and high school kids gulp down in order achieve quick buzz.  However, I was at Primrose & Tumbleweeds a while back, when I came across Honeywood's line of fruit wines.  Since I was at a shop/bar which seemed to pride itself as being a peddler of fine wines, my curiosity was peaked.  Being a raspberry fan, I took home a $12.00 bottle of Honeywood's Raspberry Wine.

Honeywood's Raspberry Wine boasts seven pounds of raspberries make up every gallon of their premium wine.

Not being a regular dessert eater, it took me a few weeks to find an appropriate food to pair with the wine.  I finally drank it with a creamy chocolate mousse.  The wine tasted very much like raspberries, but the sweet fruit was balanced with a welcome tartness, reminding me of an alcoholic version of Ocean Spray's Cran/Raspberry.   The sweet & sour raspberry flavor was delicious against the rich dark chocolate.

All things considered, I'd drink Honeywood's Raspberry Wine again, giving it 89/100 points.

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