Saturday, April 30, 2022

I'm Back and Eating Wings & Fries from Prime Tap House


I realize I said goodbye to my food blog at the beginning of the year. I didn't know how to write about food while on a low sodium/salt diet. I'm done with the low sodium thing. I've always taken pleasure from food; I looked forward to it. For the last three plus months I’ve eaten food to stay alive. I’m sick of it! There’s already so much I can’t do. I need something I can take pleasure in. I'm going to eat food that makes me happy. If it costs me 5 years off my life, so be it! On My Plate is back baby! (I'm not sure why I just channeled Dick Vitale, but OK.)

| Subject: 6 Boneless Wings & Sidewinder Fries from Prime Tap House | | Date: 04/12/2022 | Photographers: Bonnie Kiester & James Kiester | | Permissions: Photo taken for this blog |
| Subject: My Grubhub receipt for food from Prime Tap House | | Date: 04/12/2022 | Photographers: Bonnie Kiester & James Kiester | | Permissions: Photo taken for this blog |

Just like everybody else, I am thrilled the pandemic is nearing an end.  While the last few years have been catastrophic health-wise, I did learn how to explore food delivery services (Grubhub, Doordash, etc...) to find new things to eat.  The moment I decided to scrap the low sodium fiasco, I logged on to Grubhub to look for something yummy.

 I knew I wanted bar food, but I didn't want to fall back on my bar food go-tos such as Buffalo Wild Wings, Applebee's, or Red Robin.  I wanted to try somewhere new, just because I'd been so culinarily bored for so long.  Plus, now that we find ourselves on the tail end of the Covid-19 nightmare, local eateries need our support, so the epicurean landscape doesn't become monopolized solely by chain restaurants.

I'd surfed the Grubhub for about an hour, rejecting places for various reasons (price, bad photography, etc...) and I was getting pretty hungry.  In fact, I was minutes away from settling for Taco Bell when I came across Grubhub's listing for Prime Tap House, physically located at1896 NE 106th Ave., in Hillsboro, Oregon.

It's a wing spot, offering deep fried wings flavored with a variety of sauces and dry rubs, a few sides, soft drinks, and a few *Shoyu Chicken meals.  Prime also offers a vegetarian "wing" made with cauliflower.   I can’t say why I decided to order from Prime Tap House, except that it offered deep fried bar food (wings, fries, tots, etc...) done with an Asian flare.

On the Tap House's own website, one will find complete descriptions of their sauces and dry rubs.  Yet, Grubhub  only supplies customers with the names of each of the flavorings.  Some of the flavorings' names are self-explanatory.  Chili Mango Dry Rub obviously offers a sweet fruity heat, while Killer Bee Sauce hints at being some kind of spicy honey-based sauce.  Yet, names such as K-Pop Sauce, Dong's Sauce, and Bangkok Wings left me in the dark. 

I ordered 6 Boneless Wings with their Dragon Dust Dry Rub, for $9.00, the Sidewinder Fries with Chili Mango Dry Rub, for $6.00, and some complimentary ranch dip.

The wings were fried golden & crispy on the outside, while the meat remained juicy.  I was savvy enough to know that something called "Dragon Dust" would be bringing the heat, and I was right.  These wings turned my cheeks red and made my nose run.  Underneath the heat, I could taste a savory foundation.

Sidewinder Fries are French fried potatoes cut into twisted wedges, about half the size of a typical jojo, seasoned with the diner's dry rub of choice.  I chose the Chili Mango Dry Rub.   Sporting a golden yellow complexion, the potatoes were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.  The rub gave the fries half the spicy heat of the wings along with a sweet tartness reminiscent of, yes, mangos.

After months of bland boring food, this meal was exactly what I needed to reenergize my palate.  My only complaint is the aforementioned deficit with the Grubhub version of their menu.  The food itself was superb, earning it 9 out of 10 stars.

 *Shoyu Chicken is a Japanese style of chicken made using shoyu soy sauce mixed with brown sugar, ginger and lots of garlic.

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